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The briquette press is immediately ready for use and does not have to be installed first - just plug it in and off you go. Show all briquetting presses Bfsjgdofct more kk 370 briquetting press | polystyrene compactor | kk balers The KK 370 Briquetting Press is a polystyrene compactor that compacts the EPS at ratios up to 50:1.

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briquetting press paper waste; hydraulic briquetting press; oleodynamic briquetting press; briquetting press polystyrene; Briquettes for coffee chaff; machines to produce briquettes; Last Search Plugin 2.03. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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KK 120 Briquetting Press for Sale or Rent *Please note specifications and product photos are subject to change. The KK 120 is the ideal solution for compacting polystyrene material. This machine compacts the material in blocks of 120 X 120 mm, which gives a density of nearly 300 kg/m3.

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The briquetting press HSM BRP 4810 compacts easily and fully automatically huge amounts of PET bottles and beverage cans. Briquetting density of approx. 400 kg/m³ (PET/UBC) and approx. 760 kg/m³ (aluminium beverage cans)... waste briquette press / wood NBP... in waste disposal equipment.

 briquetting press for sale or rent | kk balers
A KK Briquetting Press is an ideal solution for various sectors, such as Fish companies, Fruit packers, Supermarkets, Furniture Companies to name a few. For those companies that would like to reduce their waste costs, EPS recycling is a very attractive offering as it is fast becoming very valuable recycling material. KK 120 Briquetting Press

 briquetting presses
A unique briquetting system that can achieve up to 18 press strokes per minutes at a pressing pressure of approx. 80 bar. At an average briquette diameter of 6 cm and a briquette length of 5 cm, we can output over 80 to 100 kg of briquettes per hour with just 3 kW of hydraulic power, depending on the shavings type.

 metal briquetting press | ruf briquetting systems
Briquetting is a suitable treatment method for de-watering or de-oiling wet metal chips. During the briquetting process, our metal chip press recovers cooling lubricants that adhere to the damp metal chips. Consumption of these expensive cooling lubricants is thereby significantly reduced.

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